Why is load testing important?

Testing is an essential part of all product development. It’s likely everything you can see right now has been extensively tested at some point. Testing for software development is just as important than testing any other product, but is often back-benched since it isn’t explicitly productive. Would you ever use an appliance that has never been tested? Drive a car? Like it or not, if you ever want anybody to use your code with confidence, you need to write tests. [Read More]

Project Mystic

A solution for intelligent load testing.

Project Mystic is a project at BBOXX to create a framework for providing the capability of Process Load Testing. This means deploying process tests in scale against a test system.

In short, this gives users access to an understanding of the performance of systems at scale.

The potential benefits to this are:

  1. Present and future bottlenecks
  2. Detect degradation in scability for code deploys.


One of the hardest things about writing every day, is that I know it could be better.

“Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well.” - Shakespeare

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Sometimes I can be really harsh on myself. In this age, we are surrounded by success stories that seem beyond our wildest dreams of achieving. Wherever we care to look, there’s somebody doing better than us. These people seem almost inhuman in the efforts they go to be successful, executing the “Top 10 habits of successful CEOs”, the “Morning routine HACK that changed my life” and “How writing a blog everyday helped me find my dream life” (okay, you got me). [Read More]

First post

This is my first actual blog post. I’ve written before, and written to myself on more private topics that may never be shared, or a couple of times about tech topics, but this is the first post in the real spirit of blogging.

And it would make sense to start with an introduction. But, life doesn’t really make sense does it?

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