George Punter

About me

et Another Engineer. Which means I create things, for humans. I used to think engineering was more about the things than the humans. Now I’m not so sure. The way we live is fundamentally shaped by the technology we create. As creators, we have a responsibility to consider the ethical ramifications of our work.

Aside from the ethics of technology, I believe strongly in the importance of education as a continuous process. I have hope that the availability of e-learning, and wealth of useful information on the internet will help to alleviate the trend of passive (social) media consumption as we progress as a society, although it can be difficult to filter out what’s relevant and useful.

I learn best through doing, so am particularly enthusiastic about courses and projects involving hands-on creation. I support transparency of intention and accountability - this applies to individuals and all types of organisations.

In my free time I enjoy social dancing, salsa, zouk & bachata. Whilst studying at Imperial I held the title of Salsa Team Captain, and our performance team has been undefeated at the national universities competition every year since (and still going). To stay in shape I practice martial arts - at the moment capoeira since it blends both dance & martial aspects, but I’ve tried kickboxing, jiu-jistu (proud holder of the gold medal for ground-fighting at the 2015 national jiu-jitsu Randoori’s), and used to teach Kyokushinkai karate in my younger years.

I love cooking, technology, and philosophical conversation.

I hate running (but do it anyway).

Learning to...

be happy.

  • Live.


  • Reading
  • Video games
  • The snooze button